The Night-Watchman of Birgu: Maritime Mysteries under the Midnight Moon

Will you brave the treacherous alleys with ‘The Nightwatchman’ on our Malta Guided tours and discover Birgu’s darkest seaside secrets? book a private Malta group tours

Me and my family had an amazing private trip of Mdina, the temples and three cities with Chris who provides insightful and interesting details about the history of landmarks and various locations. Chris was very engaging and fun to listen to.

Tour Details


Join our Malta Guided tours and journey through Birgu’s troublesome history, where the streets have borne witness to a perpetual lack of peace and patrolling the streets is not for the faint-hearted!

In 1530, a colossal warship sailed into the Grand Harbour, reshaping Birgu’s destiny forever. The impact, whether for the best or worst, is a decision we leave to your contemplation—just guard those thoughts closely, for the walls possess ears with evil intentions!

Birgu, a maritime haven, lures a cast of cunning characters—some foes, some friends—all perilous, each eagerly anticipating an opportunity to profit at the expense of another, perhaps even yourself!

Behind the formidable walls, an illusion of safety is crafted, yet the real peril looms within, and next door!

Along the way , expect to witness a tapestry of strange occurrences and city dwellers entangled in murder, internal strife, duels, and the mysterious of dreadful dungeons. Encounter the clandestine lives of ladies of the night, mischievous monks, and prisoners on the loose.

But there’s more than meets the eye—prepare to challenge common beliefs, unravel myths, and explore unlikely legends

Your journey may be shortened through terrible tortures and executions. Yet, these are mere preludes to the impending storm stirred by the maritime breeze, but provoked and driven by the enigmatic inhabitants of this ancient city. This tale is a favorite of our Malta Guided tours, both solo tours and private Malta group tours.

Tour Highlights

  • Experience Birgu’s early days with ‘The Nightwatchman’—our Malta Guided tours reveal the city’s turbulent maritime history.
  • Explore architecture and stories, walking the seaside streets where people built, lived, and died….not always in peaceful and natural serenity!
  • Meet Birgu’s inhabitants, feel their fears, hear their stories, and challenge the system.
  • Debunk myths, challenge legends, as your guide, in period costume, portrays a night patroller through the savage streets on one of our popular Malta group tours as well as solo tour.

Tour Theme

Brutality brought by Superstition – Curiosity and Fear of the Unknown – Change brings both danger and opportunity

Location Highlights

  • Birgu (Vittoriosa) City Gate (Porta d’Aragon)
  • Couvre Porte
  • Dominican Church
  • Old Universita’ Palace
  • Inquisitor’s Palace
  • Bishop’s Palace
  • Knights’ Collachio Area
  • Offbeat tracks charming streets less traveled by tourists
  • Old Manderaggio
  • Auberge of France
  • Auberge of Auvergne and Provence
  • Auberge of Castille and Portugal
  • Auberge of Germany
  • Old Execution Site
  • Bastion Square
  • Victory Square

Further Information

• Comfortable walking shoes. • A hat in summer (although the narrow streets will be mostly shaded). • Warm clothes in winter as Birgu can be chilly
Professional Maltese Tour Guide, in costume portraying a 16th century character to better tell this remarkable story.
Entry to buildings is not included.
Participants must be 16 years old or above due to adult content involving sex, adultery, brutality and more.
Our tours typically have a small group size to ensure a personalized experience.
The tour will only be cancelled in case of extreme weather conditions.
Unless there is extreme rainfall, the tour will still happen. If the tour is cancelled, we will notify you beforehand and refund your order. We will always prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients first.
Your journey begins at the very top of this page. First step is to head to the top of page, and kindly fill in the details of your ideal date, preferred tour and add any extra tidbits that can jazz up your experience. Then just click on “Send Booking request” and we’ll be in touch with you within 48hours Once we’ve established a date and time and sorted all the details, we will provide details for a minimum €20 deposit. The rest of the amount is paid on the date of the tour. Deposits are refundable if tours cancelled at least 48 hours before and via email on: [email protected]
Cancellations or change of bookings are only allowed if received via email notification on [email protected] at least 48 hours before the tour commences.
Our tours are designed to be safe and enjoyable for all clients. We prioritise safety above all else and work with experienced guides and tour operators to ensure that all activities are conducted safely.
The tour is mostly on even paved ground. However a great number of steps must be tackled throughout and to go on top of the ramparts and witness the panoramic views.
The tour includes around 17 stops.
The route, sights, and topics may vary slightly depending on weather and any building works.
Approximately half an hour of walking is involved.
Yes, all tours must be booked in advanced.
The meeting place is less than 5 minutes away from the bus stop, and nearby parking is available.
No, but in case of emergencies a number of coffee shops , bars and restaurants with triolets are available.
Yes, the tour is offered in English.
Although much appreciated, it is solely up to you to decide whether or not to tip your tour guide.
Just email us on [email protected] and we will be glad to help out.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in with your guide.

Tour Pricing

Group Size


1 to 2 people

€ 140

3 to 4 people


5 to 10 people


11 to 15 people


16 to 30 people


30 or more people


Have any questions?

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