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Join a tour, meet ordinary people from our past and uncover their extraordinary lives in the shadows of dark and dangerous Malta.
Relive a Mdina Game of Thrones with our Medieval Tour and other Malta top attractions. Explore iconic filming locations inside mysterious Mdina and discover the real-life Maltese characters who battled for power, love, and survival. Experience the intrigue, betrayal, and unpredictability of medieval life that inspired the series, as you wander through the historic city's silent streets. With adultery, forced marriages, cunning characters, plots, invasions, and epic sieges, this tour is a must for any Game of Thrones fan.
Be part of Napoleon Bonaparte's pivotal 6-day stay in Malta as one of unique things to do in Malta. Be part of the grave implications and dramatic events that unfolded in its aftermath. Brace yourself for a suspenseful account of scandalous affairs, chaos, deceit, and treachery, as alliances shift and betrayals run rampant. Experience the dark side of power and politics, where heroes become villains and villains become heroes, in a deadly game played out in the shadows of Valletta.
Uncover the captivating and colourful lives of Valletta's infamous Corsairs in the top Malta Sightseeing places. Meet unruly nasty knights, tortured and suppressed slaves as well as devoted prostitutes followed by naughty nuns. Learn about the dark forgotten industry of piracy that once formed the daily bread of most of the island's population and hear the lies that ignited it. Tales of plunder, promiscuity gone wild, and peril await you. These stories of battles on sea, land and in the bedroom are sure to leave you breathless in one of the best Malta Tours.
Embark on an extraordinary Knight's odyssey through the heart of the Order of St. John, defying convention and kindling a fire of curiosity and envy. Witness the hidden secrets, forbidden romances, and epic battles that shaped their existence during the best time to visit Malta. Step into the intriguing world of knights, and enjoy Malta's top attractions in Valletta, where one man's improbable acceptance challenges all norms.
What to see in Mdina? Discover the secrets of Mdina's Medieval elite as they plot their way to the top during a time of civil war, sieges, and invasions. Amidst backstabbing and betrayal, they still find time for infidelity and bed hopping, all while shaping the destiny of Malta. If you're unsure what to see in Mdina than join us our Malta tours on a journey through their little-known but intriguing story.
Travel to Malta and indulge in the allure of Medieval Romance and Mystery, where love, lust, and murder intertwine. Discover the captivating stories of medieval women navigating through arranged marriages, infidelity, and religious taboos. Unveil the mysteries of Malta by visiting places
In 1565, the island of Malta is under siege. Surprisingly Mdina is relatively untouched, at least for the time being. Yet, for your Night Watchman of Mdina, it's more than murderers and thieves that lurk in the streets. Sneaky spies and renegades hide in the shadows as plots unfold. Follow your Night-Watchman on his evening rounds filled with Mdina attractions as he recounts tales of the silent streets from both past and present. Who are the individuals traversing the dark streets of Mdina? Why is being a Night-Watchman such a perilous job? What secrets will you uncover in the shadowy streets during these guided tours of Malta?
Watch your children (Aged 6- 11) laugh and learn, during your Malta trips as your Maltese Corsair guide recruits young crew members to delve into the exciting stories of Malta's Maritime history. Sometimes at the point of his sword, though mostly voluntary. With interactive experiences, visuals, and intriguing insights, this educational tour ensures an entertaining adventure for children and adults alike, fostering curiosity, imagination, cultural appreciation as part of fun things to do in Malta.
What to do in Malta you might wonder? Uncover the thrilling and chilling tales of Caravaggio and Contreras, where two men, two murders, and the pursuit of redemption and immortality intertwine on Malta, the island of the Knights of St John. Caravaggio's brushstrokes whisper his secrets, while Contreras braves perils, leaving behind a captivating autobiography (and body count). Yet beneath the surface lies a labyrinth of intrigue and uncertainty.
Unearth brutal yet fascinating truths and entertainment in equal measure on your day trips to Malta. Explore traces of Malta’s forgotten historical past of robbery on the high seas all over Valletta. Listen to absolutely shocking, scandalous, and breath-taking tales!! And that’s all before the stories of betrayals with terrible consequences. Valletta’s History isn’t all Virtuous Knights and Art, and the challenges they faced whilst admiring the top Malta beautiful places.
Hear of savage sieges and horrific executions during our Malta guided tours, as naughty knights, imposing inquisitors, and bullying bishops all compete for power in the maritime city of Birgu (Vittoriosa). What terrible tales will you come across as you patrol the treacherous streets with your Night-Watchman, where escaped slaves, “saintly” spies, prostitutes, corsairs, and other cutthroats roam during the night?
Visit Malta and descend into the dark depths of human nature as disorder and desperation reign supreme in Malta famous places such as Birgu’s bloodiest day during the 1565 Great Siege! Witness unrivalled resilience and acts of bravery, as courage battles chaos! Yet, a chilling reality remains – once the cannon smoke settles, none know if they’ll live to see tomorrow!
While the noble knights laid the foundation of Valletta, on these Malta sightseeing tours the night exposes a different realm inhabited by those marginalized by society – cutthroats, outcasts, prostitutes, forced labourers, the impoverished, and enslaved. Meet individuals subjected to unspeakable horrors – enduring abuse and torture in myriad forms, spanning the realms of mental, physical, and spiritual anguish. A must to consider when deciding on your Malta travel plans.

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Apart from our highly-popular scheduled tours, Malta Themed Tours offers the opportunity to savour history on a more personal note with our private tours. Tailored to your preferences and accommodating up to 50 guests, these exclusive experiences grant you a more intimate and flexible exploration of Malta’s captivating history, ensuring a truly memorable and customized journey.

Your journey begins at the very top of this page

First step is to head to the top of page, and kindly fill in the details of your ideal date, preferred tour and add any extra tidbits that can jazz up your experience

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Once the date is a go and the roadmap is clear, we’ll kindly ask for a €20 deposit. The rest? Smooth sailing, paid on tour day…

Plans amiss? Change of plans? We offer refundable deposits for cancellations 48 hours in advance, just drop a line to:

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Absolutely! One of the perks of a private tour. Tell us your preferences, and we’ll craft a tailored program to enhance your Malta experience.

If we’re not the perfect match, rest assured! We’ll guide you to our reputable tour contacts, ensuring a seamless fit.

Get in touch, share your thoughts, and let’s bring your request to life!

Let us know your vision, and we’ll create a personalized program for an extraordinary Malta adventure.

Also, as tour guides, we’re in touch with many tour providers. If your request falls outside our usual scope, we’ll guide you to the perfect fit. Our mission is to save you time and prevent any potential hiccups, connecting you with one of our trusted partners.

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