Malta Themed Tours: Malta Tour Operators Crafting History through Immersive Storytelling

Our Journey From Inception to Inspiration

Malta Themed Tours  are Malta Tour operators offering distinctly crafted Malta themed tours by locals, and was born out of a shared passion for history and an insatiable curiosity about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people who shaped Malta’s past. 

Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief – that history is best experienced through immersive storytelling. We envisioned a Malta tour operators that didn’t just recite facts and dates but transported visitors through time, allowing them to live history, not merely observe it.  Originally known as “Real Malta Tours”, formed in 2018, many Covid summers later we have evolved and re-branded to “Malta Themed Tours”

We only use Maltese guides, fueled by their deep curiosity about the past, bring history to life in a way that’s engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking. They step into the shoes of remarkable historical figures, interweaving anecdotes and characters into a compelling narrative that unfolds in the very locations where history was made.

But Malta Themed Tours isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about empowerment and inspiration. We Maltese guides believe that by uncovering the hidden answers to today’s problems and opportunities through the lessons of the past, we can enrich lives and offer practical takeaways that stay with our visitors long after the tour ends. 

Our purpose as Malta Tour operators is to inspire, provoke new ways of thinking, and leave our guests with a newfound appreciation for the power of the past


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Over 19 Years guiding experience

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We proudly pioneered dramatized Corsair Tours in Malta back in 2018

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Over 10 years researching these original Malta themed tours

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Giacomo Muscat

Giacomo Muscat was proudly born in the historic town of Żabbar, which was granted city status by the last Grand Master of the Knights of St. John who resided in Malta. 

Despite dreaming of a life at sea as a pirate from a young age, Giacomo’s pirate dreams were shattered when he was sent to school and found himself on a quite different path, becoming an Acca-qualified accountant and registered auditor and later a Business Growth Consultant .

Yet fate had other plans in store for him.

In 2011, while perusing a pirate book gifted to him by his girlfriend at the time (now his wife), Giacomo stumbled upon two pages dedicated to the fascinating history of Maltese corsairs, re-igniting his passion for piracy, but this time in a historical context connected to Malta tourist spots.

Hooked, he ditched his career and traded it in for something much more exciting – becoming a licensed tour guide and  “Captain” of his own Malta Themed Tours, offering Malta tours by locals.

Chris Schembri

Chris Schembri is a seasoned fellow local tour guide, also originally from Żabbar, Malta, with a deep passion for history and art. 

With over 19 years of professional guiding experience, Chris has been an engaging presence, guiding for top travel companies, Malta Tour operators, language schools, and organizing private and customized tours. 

Also, when not immersed in guiding, Chris enthusiastically shares his knowledge by teaching art. 

Needless to say, his BA History of Arts Thesis, titled “The Depiction of Naval Battle Scenes in the Grandmaster’s Palaces from the 17th to 18th century,” sparked thought-provoking discussions with Giacomo

This ultimately led to the launch of the first-ever dramatised costumed tours in Malta dedicated to the history of the feared Maltese Corsairs in 2018 as Malta Tour Operators via the “Real Malta Tours”. 

Indeed today, under the new branding of “Malta Themed Tours”, they still provides Malta tours by locals and the company also transcends beyond piracy, offering immersive, enriching, fun, and thought-provoking experiences that delve deep into the diverse elements of Maltese history. 

Yet the spirit of the Corsair is ever-present, infusing our tours with a touch of adventure and intrigue.

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