Discover 6 Unique Airbnb Stays in Malta

At Malta Themed Tours,  our guided tours stand out. They’re not like the usual ones. They’re for travellers who want more.

Just like we aim for genuine experiences in our tours, we know our readers want unique places to stay in Malta.

So, we’ve found and personally recommended these 6 unique Airbnb stays in Malta. They’re hosted by Maltese locals Neil and Chris (not the same Chris who’s our tour guide).

These 6 places are in great spots. You’ll always be close to what makes Malta special, like historic sites and fun stuff to do.

What really impressed us was how much thought went into each of these apartments. The owners really cared about every little detail. They made spaces that are happy, calm, and practical.

They say, “We want to make your holiday great and show you Maltese hospitality through design. It’s something we love doing.”  

However , the Maltese hospitality does not tart or stop at just design, for those guests who opt to also include transport to the locations or back by the hosts are collected by Neil’s father,  where the adventure begins as he gives you tips and anecdotes straight from a local born and bred in our island. Something not as common nowadays in transport services.

But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the pictures below. You’ll see why these apartments have such great reviews.

For those of you looking to unwind in the serene North of the island:

  1. PARADISE ESCAPE (St. Paul’s Bay):

    This cosy retreat in St. Paul’s Bay promises relaxation and comfort in a tranquil setting.

Paradise Escape, St. Paul's Bay
Paradise Escape, St. Paul's Bay

    Cherish the authentic charm of this townhouse, complete with stunning sea views, just as Chris and his family did for many years.

Authentic Seaview Townhouse, St. Paul's Bay
Authentic Seaview Townhouse, St. Paul's Bay
  1. BAMBOOZLE LOFT (St. Paul’s Bay):

    Indulge in the whimsical charm of Bamboozle Loft—a meticulously crafted oasis by renowned Architect Richard England. Nestled in St. Paul’s Bay, it offers a departure from the ordinary, inviting guests to revel in an extraordinary sanctuary.

Bamboozle Loft, St. Paul's Bay
Bamboozle Loft, St. Paul's Bay

For those seeking the vibrant heart of Malta:

    Experience the modern, chic, and cosmopolitan side of Malta in this delightful Sliema seafront accommodation.
Seaside Charm, Sliema
Seaside Charm, Sliema

If you wish to be conveniently located between Sliema and Valletta while enjoying a slice of Nirvana:

  1. NIRVANA OASIS (Msida):
    This apartment in Msida offers the perfect balance between Sliema and Valletta, providing you with a blissful experience just a few minutes away.
Nirvana Oasis, Msida
Nirvana Oasis, Msida
    Discover an authentic Maltese stay in the heart of Msida, with everything you need right at your doorstep
The Authentic Place, Msida
The Authentic Place, Msida

These 6 unique Airbnb stays in Malta offer more than just a place to sleep; they guarantee an authentic, unforgettable experience against the beautiful backdrop of Malta.

So, don’t hesitate. Reserve your stay and embark on a journey brimming with charm, hospitality, and adventure, both inside and outside!

Lastly, after you’ve happily chosen your Maltese “base of operations” then consider checking out our guided experiences ,for a fun dose of entertainment whilst uncovering the real Maltese culture and story with a local Maltese guide.

Grazzi! (Thank you)

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