5 Impressive buildings in Valletta

Welcome to the captivating world of Valletta, where extraordinary buildings tell stories of grandeur and history. If you’re curious about the architectural gems that make Valletta shine, look no further. Here are 5 impressive buildings in Valletta that will leave you in awe during your visit to this marvellous Mediterranean capital.

St John’s Co-Cathedral: A Jewel of Baroque Design

Transport yourself to the 17th century and behold the exquisite St John’s Co-Cathedral. This magnificent structure was built by the Knights of Malta to commemorate their triumphs in defending Christianity. Step inside and marvel at its interior, reminiscent of a precious jewelry box. The overhead paintings by renowned artist Mattia Preti depict the life of Saint John the Baptist. Explore the eight chapels, each reflecting the heritage of the Knights from different countries. It’s a true testament to the rich history of the Order of St John.

The impressive façade of St. John's co-Cathedral St. John’s Co-Cathedral



Grand Master’s Palace: Where History Meets Splendor

Immerse yourself in the heart of governance at the Grand Master’s Palace, a living testament to power and prestige. Built over centuries, this awe-inspiring palace has been the seat of authority, from the Knights of Malta to the present-day President’s offices. Although access is limited, the museum run by Heritage Malta offers a glimpse into its opulent interiors and captivating art collections. Prepare to be captivated by the palace’s majestic allure.

The courtyard of the Grand Master's Palace, Valletta The courtyard of the Grand Master’s Palace

National Museum of Fine Arts: A Haven for Art Enthusiasts

Step into one of Valletta’s earliest buildings, once the residence of the illustrious Saint John’s Knights. Today, it houses the National Museum of Fine Arts, a treasure trove for art aficionados. Admire exquisite Maltese silverware, remarkable artistic furniture, and bronze and wooden statues crafted by both local and internationally acclaimed artists. This museum truly celebrates the artistic legacy of Malta, offering a unique cultural experience.

The Majestic entrance of the National Museum of Fine ArtsNational Museum of Fine Arts

Auberge De Castille: A Timeless Beauty

Behold the grandeur of Auberge De Castille, hailed as one of Malta’s finest buildings. Originally a residence for the Knights from the Langue of Castile and Portugal, this architectural masterpiece underwent a complete Baroque transformation in the 18th century. Its impressive two-story structure with eleven bay divisions is a sight to behold. Throughout history, it has served as a significant headquarters for various military powers. Today, it stands proudly as the residence of the Prime Minister of Malta.

The impressive Auberge De Castille, office of the Prime Minister

 Auberge De Castille

New Parliament: A Modern Landmark

Love it or hate it, the New Parliament stands as a symbol of contemporary design. As part of the City Gate Project, this three-story building, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, embraces sustainability with its zero-emission features. Its limestone walls, meticulously cut in Italy, showcase a fusion of innovation and tradition. While most areas remain restricted, the ground floor hosts a permanent exhibition that narrates the parliament’s history. Experience the convergence of modernity and heritage in this architectural marvel.

The New Parliament Building at the Entrance of Valletta

New Parliament


I hope you enjoyed the journey around the capital exploring these 5 Impressive Buildings in Valletta. Valletta’s remarkable architecture offers a captivating voyage through time and artistry, showcasing the ornate grandeur of St John’s Co-Cathedral to the contemporary elegance of the New Parliament. Each structure unveils a unique chapter of Malta’s rich history.

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